As with the Clever Claw these innovative ‘Twister’ pole rig Hook Ups are made from a non-perishable, durable nylon polymer and are extremely versatile. Twisters not only keep your pole rigs tidy with no elastic exposed (to eliminate perishing in sunlight). They are also excellent for hanging paste rigs over and offering out a bait-dropper or pole feeder.

There are seven different colour coded sizes to accommodate the shallowest of pole rigs down to the longest you are likely to use. The different colours helps to recognize which to use for the different length of rigs you choose.

One ‘twist’ and it’s on, another ‘twist’ to take it off. Quick and simple.

Twister Hook Ups

  • This unique device addresses a number of issues with some existing pole rig 'Hook Up' products.

    Durability will always be a problem with any rubberised product so our choice of material is a non-perishable, strong long life nylon. 

    Slideability along the pole sections to tension the rig is important and these new 'Hook Ups' allow 
    this as they do not 'roll over' when moved along the section.

    Removability is a unique feature as these can be 'clipped' onto pole and removed instantly
    from the section when not in use.

    Versatility with secondary uses for paste fishing, hanging pole feeder over, offering out baitdroppers.

    'Credit Crunch' beater as you can 'Hook Up' very long rigs saving on buying extra sections.
    Simply use two 'Hook Ups' and double around the lower one then hook onto the higher one and slid to tighten (see the video for demo)

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